Volume Estimated volume of the device, calculated from the dimensions provided by the manufacturer. This means that if you have the tablet centered and held right in front of you, the picture that the front-facing camera picks up has your face off to one side and sometimes even cut off. Compact and lightweight, allowing you to pop it into a bag or tablet For Acer Iconia Iconia Tab A Width Information about the width, i.

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We define the item as defective only if it doesn’t function as described. Technology – There are two main screen technologies currently used in phones and tablets: You can find a charger on Amazon.

If the processor does not find the data needed in L1, it continues to look for it in the L2 cache memory. Some devices have the possibility to serve as Wi-Fi Hotspots by providing internet access for other nearby devices. Information about additional software and hardware features of the privamery camera, which improve its overall performance.

The cannot be upgraded past Types The various types of memory cards are characterized by different sizes and capacity. The cannot be upgraded past Android 3.


Acer Iconia Tab A501

Pros Fast and powerful 4G connectivity a welcome addition Superb display quality Cons Low quality cameras Tons of bloatware Ships with dated Android 3. I went to the store acfr they said they they don’t have them anymore. Acer Iconia Tab A There are different battery types and some of the most commonly used in mobile devices are the lithium-ion Li-Ion and the lithium-ion polymer battery Li-Polymer. Early on we discovered our company purchased of them the power buttons were not mechanically fastened to the system board.

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Height Information about the height, i. A CPU core is the processor unit, which executes software instructions. Iconia Tab A Width Information about the width, i.

Image resolution One of the main characteristics of the cameras of mobile devices is their resolution, which shows the number of pixels on the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the image. The rear-facing acerr is also back here, up and in the right-hand corner, complete with a flash.

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List of some of the most common audio file formats and codecs supported standardly by the device. Acer Iconia Tab A, A Level 1 cache memory L1 The cache memory is used by the processor in order to shorten the time needed to access data and instructions that a frequently used. To see the full specifications with in-depth details click here. Made of luxurious leather with a soft suede interior.


Here are the facts. A kit ready to install like on photos. Connectivity Information about some of the most widely used connectivity technologies supported by the device.

This will keep your touch screen free from fingerprints. It is Acer genuine aced pa Some more powerful smartphones use dual-core and quad-core processors designed to deliver greater performance.

Presently, besides single-core processors, there are dual-core, quad-core, hexa-core and so on multi-core processors. Information about the type of speakers the device uses. Keep your Tablet safe with this high-quality leather cover. Best smartwatches this year.

Capacity – The bigger, the better!