It was generally known in the Authorware development community that version 8. Code snippets are blocks of Authorware code. Not all the files in the xtras folder are needed and, I have been told, some may actually prevent certain files from running when mixed with others. Post questions and get answers from experts. Specifying the Args parameter gives you about half the number of possible nested calls. CallScriptFile See External script functions. The Menu control supports the following properties:

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The pipeline character ” ” determines where the caret appears. The calculation icon changes from to. You can also double-click the code snippet name to insert it.

This is also corrected.

The returned value is now correct. By default, commands are modal. Keypress For keypress responses, you may also now use an expression. It can be called from the flowline, from a command, or from a Knowledge Object wizard. However, despite the intent to unbale a special-purpose programming language usable by educators, and the decades of work that went into it, the TUTOR language was not easy to learn.

Adobe Authorware

New command and Knowledge Object functions In Authorware 6. You may now use an expression in the Pattern text box. The navigate icon now always shows Entire File when opening a navigate icon. And, since you’re using an expression-based reference for an icon variable, you’ll need to create the user variables Args and Result at the file level as well.



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To insert a code snippet: Used with sound icons, this property returns the expression in the Fixed Number of Times text box. To make the text italic: Adobe Authorware previously Macromedia Authorware was an authowrare, flowchart -based, graphical programming language.

Max and Min properties returned an incorrect value in certain circumstances. The flowchart model differentiates Authorware from other authoring toolssuch as Adobe Flash and Adobe Directorwhich rely on a visual stage, time-line and script structure.

uathorware You can use these variables to perform any action, including actions that can assist the disabled in using your courseware. The catalog was truncating the filename that spanned the th character in the return string, resulting in part of one file name to be missing. The Menu control supports the following properties: To set the font color: If ButtonBitmap were set to anything other than “OK” for example: The third line calls the external script file, passing it a list with two words.

By following the demonstrated techniques and using the supplied accessibility tools in your own productions, you will be able to satisfy recommended guidelines and legislated requirements for accessible software.


Unable to load external movie driver for “”

Authorware inserts the code snippet into the calculation at the position of the caret. If the list box is not displaying any images, the value of ItemHeight is ignored. This override key is for authoring convenience only and is not available at runtime.

On Macintosh systems, the function displays a simple Alert dialog in which you can specify the text. Add one to any location in your snippet. Can be used with any icon. In the Presentation window, the menu looks like this. URLEncode “string” This function encodes the string passed to it so that the string does not contain special characters not accepted in the parameters of a URL. Close this window and log in.

If the user clicked OK, authoreare the original link was lost.

These bugs were not in the Flash ActiveX control.