Ambulance Driver Lyrics [Intro] Sirens, indecipherable radio chatter [Verse 1] Waiting for the ambulance to come Hoping that it doesn’t come too late Hearing the sirens in the distance Hold on, help is on the way [Chorus] Mr. Release Date April 3, Do I Stand a Chance? It is accompanied with studio outtakes, videos and exclusive radio sessions. One of the deepest things about this song for me is one of the same things i think was heavily prevalent on The Soft Bulletin, which is that the flaming lips seem to have an inability to believe in god, but love to write about the situations where people want a god the most, such as when a loved one dies. There was an error.

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Release Date April 3, General Comment It is excellent and bodes well for the new album.

Mr. Ambulance Driver lyrics – Flaming Lips original song – full version on Lyrics Freak

Was this track featured on a soundtrack of a film recently or am I imagining things? Hes not praying, but wishing that he could switch places with her, willing to give his life to save hers, but realizes he must face the reality that he can do nothing. Can anybody help me with what the film was? Verified Artists All Artists: Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Ambulance Driver I’m not ambulanfe real survivor Wishing that I was the one that wasn’t gonna be here anymore The one that isn’t here anymore The one that isn’t ambuance anymore [Outro] [?


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The Will Always Negates Defeat. General Comment Totally agree with spinning sun, but have to disagree with Annie Rose.

Ambulance Driver I’m not a real survivor Wishing that I was the one that wasn’t gonna be here anymore The one that isn’t here anymore The one that isn’t here anymore [Verse 2] Oh, we can’t trade places Our lives are strangely our own Mr.

The album is more guitar-driven m features more politically themed lyrics than The Soft Bulletin and Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots.

Lyrics submitted by doGo Dream popneo-psychedeliapsychedelic popspace rock. Album At War with the Mystics. Archived from the original on March 4, The lips admit to experimenting with all kinds of drugs in their earlier days and Steve Kr former drummer, current guitar player was addicted to heroin. The Flaming Lips are a magical source of musical serenity.


In this song, like on ‘Waiting for a Superman’ wayne uses a figure of authority who is unable to take the responsibility of being a amgulance as his surrogate god for this situation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I Am So Small Ambulance Driver is found on the album At War with the Mystics.

Mr. Ambulance Driver

The Flaming Lips — Mr. My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion. The Will Always Negates Defeat “. He’s just admitting things “i’m not a real survivor, because i’m wishing that i was the one that wasn’t gonna flaminf here anymore”.

As the lyrics amalgamate with the sounds I feel introspectivley energized and ready to finally crawl out from underground and embrace the beautiful blue sky. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape!

Once Beyond Hopelessness At War With The Mystics”. In his grief, he begins praying to the ambulance driver, who now has control over something he values more than his life. Retrieved December 12, I’m very excited with this song. A Tribute to Queen.