BrandonG2 35 years old. Try some shots from different ball positions–Best Wishes. Quick Shots 8hr ago How many miles do pro golfers travel each year? Hit a Golf Ball With Backspin. Already have an account? Sign up for a new account in our community.

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Can’t get a FF shot until someone records me.

How to Control Backspin

Posted March 30, Are you immediatly lifting the club off the ground at a high angle on the backswing? Perhaps because of the shafts also? By The Numbers 8hr ago Future of golf: Infor example, Kyle Stanley applied too much backspin on his wedge to the green on the 72nd hole of the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines, the ball sucked backward into a greenside pond, and he registered an 8 on the hole to lose a tournament that appeared to be in his hip pocket.

Thanks for the help — Pete. We’d love to have you!

This set-up will produce a shallower swing and impart less backspin. Stop a Golf Ball Fast. I still enjoy hitting the ball high but you’ll never play well in the weather that we’re getting right now. But this is a golf blog, and I need to get on with it. In other words, your shaft should be perpendicular to the ground at address, but it should be tilted forward at impact. After a man has walked 18 holes in humid, degree weather, would you rather see him with a hat on or looking like his hair had recently been attacked by a wet rodent?


Tee the ball high enough so a small portion of the ball sits above the top of the driver.

But that’s just me. I think that some guys who do that might be setting themselves back. The end result is lowfr my total distance has decreased, even though my swing speed has noticeably increased.

Grip the club and take a shoulder-width stance. By iacasNovember 19, in The Grill Room.

How to Lower Backspin with Your Driver – THE WEEKLY THREE PUTT

All the pros are flat and tilted at impact, so should you. Find a wedge you can hit with a degree of reliability to and around the green and note the amount of backspin you get on a normal shot.

You have to put in lots of time, experiment with different wedges to find the one that gives you the best control, and develop a feel for the types of swings you need in various situations. Golf Iron Swing Tips. Yeah, wearing hats indoors bothers me much more than ohw taking it off to shake. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.


Lasting moments inside the ropes with Tiger Woods There are always a few other people inside the ropes with Tiger Woods during pro-ams. Shots into the green can be launched at or beyond the pin and spin backward to your desired location. While an equipment change with an experienced custom fitter and a launch monitor can also help as well, try these simple techniques first to see if it makes a difference.

If you have too much hackspin action you will not get your weight back correctly.

Research into loower of distance likely to alter equipment. You must be logged in to post a comment. Your email address will not be published.

Reduce Spin, Add Distance – Golf Tips Magazine

There are plenty of ways to reduce spin on a driver, such as trying a shaft that is stiffer in the tip section, a heavier shaft or opting for a club with less loft. Will very low backspin ultimately shorten driving distance? Posted March 24, BrandonG2 35 years old.